Christian Wright is a river guide, musician, and freelance writer currently living in Green River, Utah.

Born in 1983 to a family of film critics and canoeists in Atlanta, Georgia, he graduated in 2006 from George Washington University with a degree in Political Science and abundant experiance as a political organizer. After spending a few years touring nationally as a musician and releasing 6 albums, he eventually drifted off through various odd jobs and states to become a river guide on the Colorado Plateau. His articles on music and politics have been published on, Insight Magazine of Denver, Wounds of the Earth, and Connexion Bizarre webzines, as well as on his own blog. His poems have been published on and the Bibliophiles zine. He is currently in his third year of research for a book he is writing on Ghost Towns in Utah.

Since 2008 Christian has traveled to, photographed and studied over 30 of Utah's "true" Ghost Towns. This fall he plans to continue his travels for more photographs, stretching the trip as far as his funds will allow into a winter of research holded up at libraries, museums, and Western History Departments across the state. Currently, he is employed as a Whitewater Raft and Canoe guide and lives in Emery County.

Selected Writings:

Desolation Canyon - A novel length account of a trip through Desolation Canyon, with extended considerations on geology, hiking at night with no water, the Interstate Highway System, and flat tires.

A Rather Brief History of Industrial Music

Never Trust a Music Writer

We're Protesting the Democratic National Convention

The Ripping of the River's Tears

Selected Music:

Savage Ideal- Ghosts Dance lightly on the Puncheon Floor (2010, Connexion Bizarre)

Bajskorv - Irsch Tomb Ich (2006, Buried Electric)

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